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2023-01-22 17:23:41

The expert work has started


2023-01-22 17:08:42

PROFFORMANCE+ started with Partner Kick-off Meeting


2022-09-13 13:16:31

PROFFORMANCE project enters a new phase


2022-06-28 14:10:35

Successful international project and excellent HE teachers at the PROFFORMANCE final conference

Spotlight on Higher Education Teaching Performance 


2022-06-28 10:27:32

Winners of the first PROFFORMANCE International Higher Education Teacher Award


2022-03-01 18:19:29

PROFFORMANCE+ is on the horizon

The European Commission has selected the PROFFORMANCE+ project for funding, so the consortium of 6 countries - expanded with new partners - will continue to work on improving the quality of teaching and learning between 2022-2025.


2021-12-01 15:05:47

Feedback on PROFFORMANCE project results

We highly appreciate your feedback on PROFFORMANCE project results. Thank you for your kind words.


2021-11-16 11:42:36

Info webinar: Call for proposals - PROFFORMANCE International Higher Education Teacher Award

Tempus Public Foundation, on behalf of the PROFFORMANCE International Consortium is organizing an information webinar on 25 November 2021 at 4 pm on the PROFFORMANCE International Higher Education Teacher Award.


2021-10-20 00:36:53

The landscape of higher education teachers’ performance


Final report on PROFFORMANCE benchmarking survey

The PROFFORMANCE consortium (profformance.eu) published the final report of the benchmarking survey conducted in November 2020 among 156 higher education institutions of its 6 partner countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Serbia). The aim of the survey was to map institutional approaches to the quality enhancement and support of teaching and learning, regarding assessment systems, staff development and teacher training practices. The survey aimed to search for and identify good examples, best practices and lessons to be learned.

Read online

Download in pdf


2021-10-19 22:30:36

International Higher Education Teacher Award 2021/22


The PROFFORMANCE consortium announces an International Higher Education Teacher Award in partner countries: Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Georgia, Hungary, and Serbia.

Apply here

Helpdesk: award.profformance@tpf.hu 


2021-06-16 17:01:17


The third Peer Learning Activity (PLA3) took place on May 27 and June 7, 2021, that was organized by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement – Georgia.


2021-05-13 13:57:56

Towards a 2D and 3D competence matrix of teachers - results of the PLA organised by Czechia

PROFFORMANCE experts have introduced a new dimension into the higher education teachers' competence matrix.


2021-01-28 12:24:26

Teaching and learning practices mapped in PROFFORMANCE partner countries

The PROFFORMANCE project consortium conducted an international survey in November 2020 among the higher education institutions of its partner countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Serbia). The first overviews of the findings can be already reached here


2021-01-28 12:18:43

Focus on teachers' competences - Experience of PLA1 Day2

PROFFORMANCE experts continued their work after the successful preparatory day1 of PLA1 to define what competences needed for the 21st century teachers to fulfill their various and wide ranged tasks and activities in their academic life.


2021-01-28 12:18:24

Tasks and activities of 21st century teachers- Results of PLA1 Day1

On the 8th December 2020 PLA, PROFFORMANCE experts discussed what roles, tasks and activities must a higher education teacher fulfill in the 21st century.


2021-01-28 12:17:42


The PROFFORMANCE experts and partners worked virtually on the multi-aspect tool for assessing teachers' performance.


2020-07-10 15:14:48

PROFFORMANCE expert kick-off meeting

PROFFORMANCE Expert kick-off meeting  

PROFFORMANCE experts and partner representatives came together on the 23th June 2020 to prepare the first activities of PROFFORMANCE project.


2020-04-21 15:54:19

PROFFORMANCE Partner kick-off meeting

PROOFORMANCE partners joined the ZOOM webinar for their first official meeting on the 18th June.2020 


2020-04-21 15:53:16

PROFFORMANCE project launch

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