2022-09-13 13:16:31

PROFFORMANCE project enters a new phase

The PROFFORMANCE project has ended, and the Assessment Tool and the International Teaching Excellence Database developed within the framework of the project were presented at the final conference in Budapest on 16 June 2022, in a hybrid format.


The PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool provides a complex picture of teacher performance. Self, staff, and student evaluation are carried out in 6 areas (course development, teaching and learning, student evaluation, research and social responsibility, professional development, organization, and administration) along with 4 priorities (digitalization, internationalization, inclusion, sustainability). The platform, available in 7 languages (English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian, Serbian, Georgian), will be launched in autumn 2022, and a demo version is currently available at:

The PROFFORMANCE International Teaching Excellence Database features good practices from universities in 6 countries along the main categories of the evaluation tool. In addition to inspiring, a platform is also an excellent tool for building new professional relationships and international partnerships:

Watch our short video on the platform! 

The international project to develop a teaching performance assessment tool will continue under the name PROFFORMANCE+, with an enlarged range of partners, professional events, and further development of PROFFORMANCE products.

As of September 2022, the PROFFORMANCE+ project will now involve ministries from 6 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, and Serbia), coordinated by the Ministry of Innovation and Culture. The Tempus Public Foundation will continue to be responsible for the operational implementation of the program. International professional organizations such as the Academic Cooperation Association, the European Students' Union, the European University Association, the Georgian National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE), the University of Aveiro, Portugal, the Irish Higher Education Authority, and the RUN-EU University Association representing Széchenyi University are involved in the activities.

The project, which will run from 2022 to 2025, will add new features to the PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool. It will become more flexible and customizable and allow targeted assessment of competencies related to specific priority areas. And the next round of the Teaching Excellence Award Call will add new good practices to the PROFFORMANCE Teaching Excellence Database. In addition, developing a teacher training course portal and creating short online courses and tutorials along the four priority areas are expected.

An essential objective of the PROFFORMANCE+ project is to disseminate the results achieved as widely as possible and build an international professional community.Those interested in the project can meet the University’s good practices and specific areas of the assessment tool in thematic webinars. Also, PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors will present the project and its results at professional events and conferences.