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2020-12-01 11:39:21

PROFFORMANCE expert kick-off meeting

PROFFORMANCE Expert kick-off meeting  

PROFFORMANCE experts and partner representatives came together on the 23th June 2020 to prepare the first activities of PROFFORMANCE project. Before the project start there already has been a preparatory meeting for experts, when they could introduce themselves and they could get an overview on project details, activities, working methodology, so on the kick-off professional work could be started immediately.

The main lead experts Vilmos Vass and János Ollé from Hungary prepared the platforms and the methodology using the inputs of PROFFORMANCE experts on their experience, views, motivation, and they also revised the literatures, researches, best practices collected by all experts.

After a short introductory presentation and common brainstorming, experts have been divided into breaking-out rooms, where they collected their views on teachers' assessment on an online mind-map. 

In the second part Günter Wageneder, Austrian expert gave an overview of the state of the art in the field of teaching and learning and teachers' assessment examining the literature collected by the PROFFORMANCE experts, and he also introduced the concept of the benchmarking activity. Afterwards Ruaidhri Neavyn from Ireland, presented Irish best practices at national and institutional level relevant to PROFFORMANCE project. Experts discussed state of the art and best practices in two break-out rooms with facilitation of the presenters.

In the third part two rapporteurs Queenie Lam (ACA) and Mirko Savic from Serbia summarised findings, and Renata Samo from Croatia presented the Handbook for Teaching Competence enhancement in higher education, the result of EDUCA-T project conducted by Croatia.

Finally experts discussed how to organise the first PLA in the most efficient way, and an overview was given about the common knowledge and experience collected before and during the discussions.



2020-07-21 15:55:10

PROFFORMANCE Partner kick-off meeting

PROOFORMANCE partners joined the ZOOM webinar for their first official meeting on the 18th June. 

In the first part all partners (full and associated) presented their institutional and national/international experiences in the field of techers' assessment, development and incentives, they described how their goals relate to project objectives, how they will contribute to the activities and how project outputs will represent an added value to their own endeavours. 

In the second part, managerial issues have been come up - grant agreement, partner and expert contracts, tasks and responsibilities, schedule, reporting, financial management issues, communication platforms, quality assurance.

It was a good start to base further successful and mutually fruitful cooperation and to prepare for the following expert kick-off meeting. 



2020-07-21 15:45:47

PROFFORMANCE project launch

An international consortium has been formed for the development of higher education teachers, and for the enhancement the quality of teaching and learning in tertiary education. The project is led by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Tempus Public Foundation, in collaboration with 5 full and 4 associated  partners and about I30 international experts. The PROFFORMANCE - Assessment tool and Incentive systems for Developing Higher Education Teachers' Performance (Development of a measurement tool and incentive system to improve the performance of teachers in higher education) project aims to define, assess, develop 21th century teacher's  skills in order to enhance quality of teaching and learning in higher education.

The project started on June 1, 2020, with a two-year term until May 31, 2022. After the professional opening events, an online collaboration of experts will start to launch a benchmarking survey in September among HEIs of the consortium partner countries. The questionnaire will examine practices of higher education institutions in the partner countries on teacher evaluation, development and incentives.  Experts and partners will develop the criteria for the planned teacher assessment tool in the frame of 3 PLAs (peer-learning activity), ie an expert workshop, and create an online assessment questionnaire. The tool will be tested at selected universities with the assistance of experts,  on the basis of which the final, free version will be developed and published.

The project also aims to collect best practices through an international call for proposals based on the defined criteria. International good examples will also be available in an online, searchable database. Finally, recommendations on incentive systems will be elaborated by experts at institutional, national and European level to improve and stimulate teachers' performance.


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