2021-12-01 15:05:47

Feedback on PROFFORMANCE project results

We highly appreciate your feedback on PROFFORMANCE project results. Thank you for your kind words.

The PROFFORMANCE consortium aims to support higher education institutions and their teachers at the European Higher Education Area.

In autumn 2021 several PROFFORMANCE project products reached their audience.

  • - The final report of PROFFORMANCE benchmarking survey with the title: The landscape of higher education teachers’       performance has been published: https://profformance.eu/benchmarking
  • - The PROFFORMANCE Higher Education Teacher Award has been launched: https://profformance.eu/call-for-application 
  • - The first version of the PROFFORMANCE assessment tool has been tested between November 2021 and January 2022       at selected HEIs in the consortium partner countries.

The consortium is delighted to share some first positive feedback from their users:

"Project findings, recommendations and assessment tools will be very useful for us as we are new university and we are in the procees of putting together internal mechanisms of quality assurance."

"We are glad that the Faculty of Law of the University has contributed to the successful implementation of the PROFFORMANCE project and that the result of the project is a very meaningful and useful report."

"Thank you very much for the information about the progress of your interesting project. Congratulations!"

"Happy to have the possibility to participate in this project."

We are very open to your feedback and glad if you share your experience in the future as well.

May you use PROFFORMANCE products for the sake of the quality enhancement of teaching and learning.