Aims and background
The PROFFORMANCE project aims to support quality enhancement of teaching and learning through development of an assessment and incentive system for higher education teachers.
The consortium planned to start with mapping existing practices, good examples in the European Higher Education Area.
The first step was to collect background materials - literature, surveys, studies, tools- and to discuss how their content contribute to the PROFFORMANCE aims.
Based on the findings the elaboration of the planned international survey has been started. The aim of this survey was to learn about institutional approaches to the enhancement and support of teaching and learning, to the quality of teaching and learning, regarding assessment systems, staff development and teacher training activities. The survey aimed to search for and identify good examples, best practices and lessons to be learned.
Areas planned for examination
i. content of T&L strategy – on teacher assessment, development and incentives and recognition
ii. content of action plans, benchmarks on teachers’ skills, roles, performance
iii. tasks of T&L centres on teacher development
iv. criteria and framework of teacher competence, skills and role 
v. areas and methods of teacher assessment system
vi. areas and methods of teacher incentive system 
vii. students’ perceptions of teachers’ performance
viii. areas and methods used by academic staff for supporting students’ involvement in enhancing learning experiences.
Organisation and contributions
The Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung (AT) was in charge of this activity and appointed Günter Wageneder, University of Salzburg to be a main lead of this task, also the leading Hungarian experts - Vilmos Vass, Metropolitan University and János Ollé, Pannon University-  were involved in the elaboration of the survey. Each partners and associated members delegated an expert for this working group, in order to assure that specificity and aspects both partners, stakeholders and European level are represented in the final product. During summer 2020, the following experts contributed to the finalisation of the survey: Bajzáth, Angéla Hungary, Beseda, Jan Czech Republic, Darchia, Irine Georgia, Filipa Casqueira Coelho Gabriel, Bárbara Portugal, Grodecki, Jakub ESU, Lam, Queenie ACA, Neavyn , Ruaidhri Ireland, Perényi , Petra Hungary, Savić, Mirko Serbia.

The Final questionnaire has been circulated by partners to their respective higher education institutions between 28th October  and 4th November 2020. By the once extended deadline, 30th November 2020, 170+ higher education institutions from Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary and Serbia have completed the questionnaire, out of which 154 usable answers arrived. 

Processing and analysis

The processing of responses have been started immediately by László Horváth ELTE with coordination of Günter Wageneder. The first preliminary results have been communicated at the first PLA at 8th December 2020, while further findings have been presented at the second day of that splitted PLA, on the 13th January 2021. As the questionnaire contained quite a lot of open questions and gave the possibility to attach connected materials, the profound and careful processing and analysis needs time. Online publication of the material will be available in 2021 summer.

Outputs and results will be channeled to the planned PLAs, into the development of the assessment tool, and also disseminated at various fora.