Ambassador Activities

The PROFFORMANCE Ambassador roadshow 

The PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool elaborated in the PROFFORMANCE project is an open-access tool, it is freely available to the wide public. The PROFFORMANCE Ambassador roadshow is a series of presentations and workshops on the tool all around Europe, at different fora – conferences, thematic webinars, workshops, Rectors’ conference meetings, professional gatherings, BFUG WG meetings, etc.  


PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors are experts or partners of PROFFORMANCE+ project, who support HE institutions and stakeholders to use this complex, comprehensive assessment tool for HE teachers’ performance.  

How to meet PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors 

  1. You can find a list of events where PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors present the tool. 

  1. You may also advise an event where you would be happy to see a presentation/workshop on the tool. 

If you organise an event on the topics of teaching and learning, quality assurance in higher education, or you deal with issues like digitalisation, internationalisation, inclusion or sustainability related to teaching and learning, we would be delighted if you invite PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors to present the tool and to exchange experience on the topics. 

About the tool 

The 3-dimensional, multi-aspect PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool evaluates HE teachers’ performance providing data for multi-level decision-making on the quality enhancement of teaching and learning.  

 The uniqueness of the PROFFORMANCE assessment tool is that it is complex and comprehensive while flexible and adaptive as well. 
1. It covers a wide range of teachers’ roles, tasks, competencies in 6 thematic areas: course design, teaching and learning, student assessment, research and impact, professional development, organisation. 
2. It includes special priorities in 4 areas: digitalization, inclusion and equity, internationalization, and sustainability, all focusing on HE teachers' tasks related to teaching and learning in these areas. 
3. It examines teachers’ performance from 3 points of view: the teacher self, peer colleagues, and students which can be compared to provide a comprehensive picture of teachers' performance. 
The speciality of the PROFFORMANCE tool is that it serves as a navigator and draws teachers' and institution leaders' attention and gives guidance on how to embed these priorities in the teaching and learning activities and how to support teachers to develop their competencies in these areas. 
Other tools for HE stakeholders 

The PROFFORMANCE teaching excellence database containing flagship projects in teaching and learning is a unique support system not only for teachers but for decision-makers as well. It contains 126 international good practices with methodological descriptions. It promotes international cooperation by providing opportunities to learn, exchange experiences, to find new partners.