2023-01-22 17:08:42

PROFFORMANCE+ started with Partner Kick-off Meeting

Full and associated partners held an online meeting on 29th September 2022 to discuss the project’s administrative and professional issues, plan the schedule and detailed content of activities and agree on the roles of each partner and expert.  

Both the context and the participants have been familiar, as PROFFORMANCE+ builds on the results of its precedent project PROFFORMANCE (2020-2022), in which most of the partners participated and worked together. Furthermore, they had an opportunity for an informal in-person meeting during the summer to involve newly joined partners and get to know each other’s recent policy development and strategies, as well as good practices.  

The speciality of the project that the consortium is very diverse both vertically as it involves 6 ministries responsible for HE, agencies for international cooperation and quality assurance, international umbrella organisations, HE authority, the European Student’s Union, higher education institutions and also a representative of a European University Alliance. Furthermore, its geographical coverage is also extensive from north to east and from east to west. This diversity assures that project results comprise all kinds of aspects to cover the various needs of stakeholders. 

PROFFORMANCE+ consortium also seeks cooperation. At the kick-off meeting, the co-chair of the Bologna Follow-Up Group working group for Teaching and learning participated as well, to discuss with partners future cooperation opportunities and possible synergies between activities. 

On the next day at a BFUG PLA, PROFFORMANCE+ coordinators presented the project and discussed future cooperation with country representatives at the BFUG WG.