2023-10-05 13:49:27

Profformance Toolkit presented at the EAIE2023 Conference

At the EAIE2023 Conference, Profformance+ showcased the PROFFORMANCE Toolkit during the Poster Session. Szilvia Besze presented a methodology for its use, which received positive feedback from academic professionals across Europe.

PROFFORMANCE Toolkit is a collection of tools to support higher education educators, consisting of the Assessment Tool, the Teaching Excellence Database with international good practices in teaching and learning, and a Course Portal with online courses for educators.  Its focus is on the EHEA priorities of internationalisation, digitalisation, inclusion and sustainability. The poster session provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss the use of the PROFFORMANCE toolkit with institutional leaders, teachers, and quality assurance experts. 

Participants were able to have face-to-face conversations with interested visitors who appreciated the comprehensive, structured nature of the Profformance Assessment Tool, its coverage of the most important EHEA priorities, and that it was available free of charge. Some visitors indicated that they could use it for current developments or that it would be useful for their existing international cooperation. 

The project team and experts are continuously working on the toolkit to be a compass, providing navigation among different policy requirements and giving support to teachers to improve their teaching.