2024-06-21 12:51:41

Exciting peer review activity on PROFFORMANCE short courses - PLA4 Day 2

PROFFORMANCE experts and reviewers have organized an engaging peer-review activity. Each working group has developed course module prototypes in the four EHEA priority areas: digitalization, internationalization, inclusion, and sustainability. Testers and reviewers provided their feedback to identify the characteristics of the most professional, up-to-date, and user-friendly courses designed for higher education teachers.

Key Milestones in Course Development

PROFFORMANCE experts have reached significant milestones in course development. Specialized working groups have completed the first modules in all four topics. These courses aim to support higher education teachers in aligning their courses with EHEA priorities. The PROFFORMANCE short course will consist of 16 modules, reflecting the structure of the previously developed and freely available elements of the PROFFORMANCE toolkit.

Innovative Tools and Resources

The PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool ( allows teachers and institutions to test teacher competencies. Additionally, the PROFFORMANCE Teaching Excellence Database ( showcases best practices in four thematic areas: course design, teaching and learning, student assessment, and societal impact, along with the four EHEA priorities.

Great international team of experts

The PROFFORMANCE project involves 20 experts representing around 10 countries and various institutions, including universities, educational offices, professional quality organizations, international associations, and student organizations. The collaborative work takes place in small working groups through both synchronous and asynchronous methods, as well as physical and online peer learning or peer review activities. This approach aims to unify diverse perspectives while ensuring high quality.

Flexible and Interactive Learning

The PROFFORMANCE short courses aim to offer freely available, flexible, practical, and interactive content, following the microlearning concept to meet contemporary trends and needs. They rely on educators' learning autonomy, allowing them to complete these courses at their own pace. The courses include in-built guidance on improving course quality, methodology, and content to better prepare students for the labor market and societal requirements.

Productive PLA Workshop

The PLA workshop has been moderated by Vilmos Vass and began with presentations from the leads of the specialized working groups Jan Beseda, Irine Darchia, Silke Preymann, Barbara Gabriel. They showcased their products, explained their division of tasks and working methodology, and reported on challenges and solutions. This step was crucial for mutual learning.

Comprehensive Review and Testing Process

The review and test process involved eight reviewers who examined the module prototypes from different perspectives:

  • Vilmos Vass focused on the didactical aspect.
  • Daliborka Luketić summarized the theoretical concept and examined the toolkit's consistency.
  • Ida Dringó-Horváth provided tips to better fit the e-learning concept.
  • Sandi Rizvić reviewed learner-centeredness, accessibility, flexibility, practicality, and interactivity.
  • Four specialized reviewers provided detailed feedback: Anca Greere on digitalization, Veronika Kupriyanova on internationalization, Frank Linde on inclusion, and Lali Giorgidze on sustainability.
  • Szilvia Besze presented the coordinators’ perspective, concluding the agreed characteristics of the course.

The testing has been made by working group members. This process had two-fold aim: 

1. to provide feedback to each other

2. to learn from each other.

Based on all feedback, during the short sessions, working groups gathered the most important findings and made an action plan for the next period. The primary task now is to analyze the test and review findings and agree on the next steps. Modules 2, 3, and 4 will be developed and made available on the Genially platform to the public by 2025.

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