2023-12-11 10:49:14

Milestones and Achievements: Profformance Project Unveils Mid-term results

The PROFFORMANCE+ project has reached its halfway point. Approaching the end of 2023 we summarised an overview of the results achieved so far and a short teaser for 2024 activities.

The project has achieved significant milestones, ranging from solidifying partnerships and hosting successful promotional events to evolving the Assessment Tool and establishing an impactful international webinar series. These accomplishments underscore Profformance's dedication to advancing excellence in higher education on an international scale. 

Evolution of the Assessment Tool

The main aim of the PROFFORMANCE+ project is to develop the already freely available PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool (created in the frame of the precedent project). The focus has been on developing statements assessing new competency areas aligned with the project's four main priorities: digitalisation, inclusion, internationalisation and sustainability, related to teaching and learning. The PROFFORMANCE experts worked together through a combination of online collaborative platforms, synchronous and asynchronous meetings, expert kick-off, peer-learning activities (PLA1 Day1, PLA1 Day2, PLA2) and expert working group meetings. As a result, the newly developed statements have been finalized, tested and reviewed two times. Harmonization will be done in January 2024, which opens the gate for the peer and student versions of the statements as well. The new versions will be on the platform in 2025. 

Tool's platform in the languages of the consortium partners 

The launch of the Hungarian version of the tool was held on 29 November 2023, with the active participation of approximately 150 higher education professionals. This event marked a significant step toward fostering engagement and awareness within the national higher educational community. The Czech, Croatian, Georgian, German and Serbian versions will be available soon. Launch events and consultations will be organized at national and international levels with HE professionals and institutional representatives. 

Profformance Ambassador Promotion Events 

The Profformance Assessment Tool took the stage at several international events, including prestigious gatherings such as conferences (EURASHE, EQAF), international higher education fairs (NAFSA, EIAE), Teaching Day, Linz, where PROFFORMANCE Ambassadors made a practice presentation, a poster or a workshop to promote and support the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool. 

International webinar series 

The year 2023 witnessed the launch of the PROFFORMANCE webinar series, which gathers occasionally 100+ international HE professionals to get to know good practices in teaching and learning from the PROFFORMANCE teaching excellence database. Four webinars have been successfully conducted, each delving into the main areas of the Assessment tool: 

These webinars not only disseminate knowledge but also exchange ideas and best practices among European educators. Participants may also take part in a joint self-assessment exercise on the topic, using the relevant part of the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool. 

What to expect in 2024? 

We continue the webinar series with the topics of priority areas (digitalization, internationalization, inclusion, and sustainability). In autumn 2024, the second round of the PROFFORMANCE International Teacher Award call is planned to be launched. The platform of the Assessment tool will be available in all partners' languages (Czech, Croatian, Georgian, German, Serbian) besides English and Hungarian. Support and promotional workshops might be available at the national level and eventual international events. 

The PROFFORMANCE community platforms will be continuously open to join.