2023-12-11 10:28:43

Presentation of the Hungarian version of the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool

The PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool is now available in Hungarian as well. 29 November 2023, almost 150 Hungarian  HE leaders, teachers, experts, professionals from quality assurance units and teaching and learning centers came together to see the launch of the Hungarian version. 

The PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool is freely available for the wide public from autumn 2022. The consortium partners and the IT department of the Tempus Public Foundation are working together in order that the tool can be used in all languages of the consortium (Czech, Croatian, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Serbian). All versions will be available soon.

The Profformance consortium plans to organise national launch events for national higher education institutions, and also continue further duscussions on how to best promote and support the usage of the PROFFORMANCE Assessment toolkit at national, institutional and individual level. Both professional bodies (Rectors' conferences, Accreditations and quality assurance agencies, educational athorities) and also institutional representatives will be involved in further negotiations.

The overview presentation and recording about the project, the tool, the platform and the GDPR issues can be reached here. The edited version of the QA session can be reached here.