2023-12-11 08:59:14

PROFFORMANCE PLA2: A pivotal turning point

The PROFFORMANCE+ project achieved a pivotal turning point in the development of the PROFFORMANCE toolkit. The four newly developed sets of statements have been reviewed and tested for supporting finalization and harmonozation process. The conceptualization of the PROFFORMANCE+ short courses have been also supported by course analysis overviews and good practice presentations. 

The PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool is already available for the wide public from autumn 2022, however it is undergoing a further development both to make it more user-friendly and also to complement it with statements assessing higher education teachers' competencies in the four EHEA priority areas (digitalization, internationalizaton, inclusion, sustainability). Now the newly developed statements went through on a testing and reviewing process for the second time, in order to get a well-rounded, harmonized assessment tool. The aim of the tool is to provide HE teachers and institutions an opportunity to have a formative tool, which assesses a wide range of competencies, but as it is flexible and adapative, its usage can be adjusted to individual or institutional needs and goals. The new set is planned to be available at the platform in the beginning of 2025, as its peer and student version is to be prepared and all should be integrated with the already existing version at the platform: 

Furthermore, the Profformance toolkit consists of not only the assessment tool, but the teacher excellence database, which contains good practices and the course portal with freely available courses in the topics. However PROFFORMANCE+ project aims also to develop 4 short introductory courses in parallel with the assessment tool statements, in order to give support to HE teachers to improve their competencies in those area where they perform less than they wish.

In the first day of the PLA, experts could listen to reviewers presentations and summaries of the testing results, and in the afternoon interactive plenary, experts worked on to define the directions and solutions to work further in the harmonization tasks. In the second day, good examples and practices of the previously collected courses have been presented, and also external project results supported the conceptualization of the PROFFORMANCE+ short courses.

More info on the agenda and presentations can be found at PLA2's site: 

The work will be continued in the frame of expert working groups and also in the next PLA due in 17-18 January.