2022-03-01 18:19:29

PROFFORMANCE+ is on the horizon

The European Commission has selected the PROFFORMANCE+ project for funding, so the consortium of 6 countries - expanded with new partners - will continue to work on improving the quality of teaching and learning between 2022-2025.

The outcomes of the ongoing PROFFORMANCE project will be presented at the final conference in Budapest on 16 June 2022.

The application, submitted by the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology and Tempus Public Foundation in cooperation with the ministries of 5 partner countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Serbia) and their professional partners, also with the contribution of the Academic Cooperation Association, the Irish Higher Education Authority, experts from the European University Association, the University of Aveiro, the European Students' Union and members of the RUN-EU University Association, has succeeded in the Call for EHEA reform projects.

The PROFFORMANCE + project aims to provide guidance on how to translate education policy objectives into day-to-day practice and to support institutions and teachers in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Digitalisation, inclusion, internationalisation, and sustainability are highlighted as priorities in the PROFFORMANCE + assessment tool.

The new PROFFORMANCE+ development toolkit will be complemented by a teacher training module, as well as a course portal for higher education teachers. The PROFFORMANCE good practice database will be further extended by a new call for International Higher Education Teacher Award.

The planned networking and knowledge exchange forums - through all possible channels - webinars, conferences, PLA-s, forums, social media networks - will contribute to international knowledge exchange, cooperation in education, research, and third mission activities - and thus to the synergies of the European Higher Education and Research Area.