2023-01-22 17:23:41

The expert work has started

PROFFORMANCE+ activities continued with an expert kick-off meeting on 14th-15th November. The event was a good start and it will be continued.

The aim of this gathering was multifold. One goal was to prepare for expert collaboration, as many new experts joined the project. That is why the online event has been started with a mixture of formal and informal introductions of all experts. It turned out that experts have many similar hobbies, which created a bond among experts, it was easier to connect and remember each other and by the end of the day, newcomers felt like part of the group, so the good atmosphere is a good sign for successful collaboration. 

Experts also had some preparation tasks for the meeting they have collected literature, project and good practices dealing with the 4 EHEA priorities (digitalisation, internationalisation, inclusion, sustainability) in teaching and learning, which list is available at the website (link) and it is also an input for further expert work. 

After the general presentation of PROFFORMANCE+ project activities, experts got a professional overview from PROFFORMANCE experts on the European context of all 4 EHEA priorities and also an explanation of what these priorities mean about teaching and learning, what teacher competencies are needed to apply them in teaching activities.

In the afternoon, experts worked together in break-out rooms for each priority and using Padlet discussed what teacher competencies are needed for each thematic area of the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool, as one of the aims ofaimsOFFORMANCE+ projects to further develop the tool alongside the 4 EHEA priorities.  

Presentations can be found on the event's page >>