Main activities

PROFFORMANCE - Assessment Tool and Incentive Systems for Developing Higher Education Teachers' Performance

Main activities of the project

1. Benchmarking - mapping of higher education institutional strategies and practices on teachers' assessment, development and incentives in the participating countries, reviewing research results and relevant  literature

2. Peer-learning activities - Organization of 3 international peer learning activities (PLA) on teachers' roles, skills and relations to students/stakeholders to determine the focus and questions of the teachers' performance assessment tool.

3. Elaboration of a teachers' performance assessment tool -  Finalizing and customizing the assessment tool - (teachers, student, managerial, external, and self-assessment) versions.

4. Piloting and testing the assessment tool in one institution of each partner country.

5. Collection of good practices based on the evaluation system criteria in an online best practice database through the International Higher Education Award Call.

6. In addition to the evaluation/assessment system, make recommendations for the establishment of an incentive scheme at institutional, national, EU and EHEA level.