Set of INCENTIVES and RECOMMENDATIONS at various levels. 
Based on the results of the assessment of teachers’ performance, the long-term aim of the project would be to provide a comprehensive, tailor-made training package for the HE institutions but this reaches beyond the timeframe of the project but will be implemented in a successive project through national initiatives. Thus, the consortium aims to define recommendations for incentive systems at all levels (EHEA, national, institutional and individual teacher level) for the development of teachers’ performance. Although different kind of incentives exist, these are neither systemic, nor comprehensive. The consortium partners and experts represent various actors and stakeholders in higher education which assures that all interests will be taken into account. The incentive systems will address policy makers how to incentivise HEIs, HEI management on how to incentivise HEI teachers, and HE teachers on how they could be motivated to develop their performance.