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- Szilvia Besze - PROFFORMANCE(+) projects and products

- Dr. Andrea Barta - SUTURED - Terminology usage, research-based education and documentation

- Mrs Renate Windbichler - MCI - NSHM Community Project Semester | Embedding SDGs in project-based teaching

- Prof, PhD, DVM Ivana Tlak Gajger - Vets4BeesPath | Veterinarians for Bees Pathway

- Mrs Mariam Kilanava - Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Values and Knowledge Education



- When life provides the course material

- When solving a societal challenge is the aim of the course

- When the course is designed for students and practitioners to promote life-long learning

- When the course is built on dilemmas to discuss

- PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool session 1

- PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool session 2

- Tool test tutorial guide



- Video on teaching excellence database

- Video on the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool

- Assessment tool tutorial video part1

- Assessment tool tutorial video part 2