Background materials - Kick off meeting

The project kick-off meetings have been organized online in two parts. On the partner kick-off meeting on the 18th June partners discussed strategic and management issues, while on the expert kick-off meeting on the 23rd June, based on previous inputs of PROFFORMANCE experts also the discussions on the plenary and the break-out rooms, further activities of the project have been prepared.




9.30-9.45 AM

Informal welcome coffee and chat room


9.45-10.00 AM

Opening, short welcome speeches, technical information


10.00-11.30 AM


Teachers’ Roles and Assessment

Overview of the preliminary knowledge and views on the topic - plenary and groups - Mind-mapping, place-mat

Led by Vilmos Vass and János Ollé

All participants

11.30-12.00 AM

Coffee break with guided tour in Budapest/chatroom


12.00 AM-1.30 PM

Plenary introductory presentations – GW and RN 10’-10’

Break-out sessions

•Group A – State of the Art - discussions of studies, publications, researches, programmes
•Group B - Discussion of State of the Art and Best Practices

Chair A  Günter Wageneder (AT)

Rapporteur A Queenie Lam (ACA)

Chair B Ruaidhri  Neavyn (IR)

Rapporteur B Mirko Savić (RS)

1.30-2.30 PM

Lunch break


2.30-2.45 PM

Report of break-out sessions

Rapporteur A Queenie Lam (ACA)

Rapporteur B Mirko Savić (RS)

2.45-3.45 PM

•Teaching Competence Enhancement in Higher Education in Croatia
•Concept of PROFFROMANCE PLAs and assessment
•Overview of findings on experts questionnaire

Renata Samo (HR)

Vilmos-Vass (HU)

János Ollé (HU)

3.45-4.00 PM

Summary, feedback, closing