Background materials - PLA3 DAY1

PLA 3 – Development of Assessment Tool

Focus: Teachers’ tasks and competences – developing the assessment tool

1st Day – May 27th


Assessment of 3D Matrix by the external evaluator – to consider for development of assessment indicators during the PLA3 and for updating the 3D Matrix; 

Evaluation of Assessment Tool by external evaluator (4 TAs from self-assessment perspective) – to consider for development of assessment indicators and assessment tool; 

Methodological Guidance on teachers performance evaluation by assessment specialist to ensure reliable, functional and good quality assessment tool; 

Students’ Panel to discuss the teachers assessment indicators from students perspective and reflect students’ suggestions in the assessment tool;

Two, One Hour Interactive Workshops focused on teachers assessment from students and self-assessment perspective (thematic areas will be identified by CWG);

Discussion on different formats of Assessment Tool. 



individual and group work; synchronous and asynchronous work; WG and CWG meetings (two CWG meetings before the 1st Day of the PLA3);


Updated 3D Matrix; Development of Assessment Tool – indicators and respective questions – for all TAs from students and self-assessment perspective.