Background material

An overview on what you will experience during the webinar


In this event the focus is on assessment of students learning in higher education.

The speakers of the webinar will present good practices which scored high in the category on Innovative Assessment of Students Learning of the PROFFORMANCE Higher Education Teacher Award In the plenary session, speakers will present short 7-minutes summaries of examples of their practices for assessing student learning. This will include sharing with the audience:

  • Brief info about the institution and the programme in which the method has been applied;
  • Objective of the assessment that could be specifying whether the purpose of the assessment is evaluating students understanding, measuring progress, identifying areas of development etc.
  • Description of specific methods and tools needed for assessing learning of students when applying this practice;
  • Ideas on how the assessment practice can be transferred or adapted for teaching in other fields.

The plenary session will be followed by the parallel sessions in breakout rooms – a targeted learning activity in which the speakers will provide you a ’recipe’ on how you could implement their good practice of assessment. In this way you can gain better insights about the applicability of the specific assessment practice, and have opportunity of engaging in a group discussion around the presented practice, its applicability and transferability, important factors to consider, mistakes to avoid while implementing the specific example of assessment, etc. We also want the breakout rooms sessions to provide space for fostering collaboration and networking, and for sharing resources on innovative ways of assessment of students’ learning.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the main plenary session and in breakout rooms which you find most relevant and interesting for your teaching practice.

Check out the Agenda of the thematic webinar to learn about the speakers and their practices of assessment of students’ learning that could help you to decide which breakout session room to join.