Project summary

PROFFORMANCE - Assessment Tool and Incentive Systems for Developing Higher Education Teachers' Performance 

The project aimed to support the quality enhancement of Teaching and Learning(T&L) at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The consortium planned to create a set of criteria and an assessment tool for teachers’ performance trying it out at pilot visits in all partner countries, as well as to elaborate recommendations on incentive systems for teachers’ development. The criteria model and the tool will help teachers and HEIs to translate EHEA and European Education Area teaching and learning targets into actual actions. Best practices of innovative teaching were collected and disseminated through an award for teachers and an online database. 

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The project aimed to contribute to the quality enhancement of T&L by promoting better T&L strategies at the national and HEI levels. The criteria set, the assessment tool and the incentive systems assist HEIs and policymakers to plan complex systems of teacher assessment, incentives and development, which leads to the improvement of their performance. The tool will also enhance students’ engagement in evaluating teachers’ performance. 


Project outputs will have an impact primarily on teachers and students, but will also affect HEI management, administrative staff and other stakeholders. Results will contribute to the teaching and learning experience, reduce drop-out rates, increase the number of successful graduates, and enhance the labour market relevance of qualifications at institutional, national and consortium levels. 

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1) Hungary: Ministry for Innovation and Technology - Coordinator 
        1. a) Tempus Public Foundation - so-called "linked the third party" 

2) Austria: Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung 

3) Czech Republic: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 

         3. a) Czech National Agency for International Education (as linked third party) 

4) Georgia: National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement 

5) Croatia: Ministry of Science and Education 

6) Serbia: Foundation Tempus (Erasmus + National Agency) 


7) Academic Cooperation Association 

8) European Students Union 

9) Digital Success Nonprofit Ltd. 

10) Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal 

11) Ilia State University, Georgia 



European Higher Education Area (EHEA) reform project 

PROFFORMANCE project: 899136