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The fourth Profformance+ Webinar focuses on the topic of Innovative Teaching and Learning. The speakers represented those good practices which scored well at the PROFFORMANCE Higher education teacher award. In the plenary session they present 7-minutes summaries of examples of their innovative teaching and learning practices. This includes:

  • Brief info about the institution and the programme in which the method has been applied
  • Main topics
  • Challenge/problem – objective
  • Methodology of implementation
  • Technology, tools used
  • Outputs/Outcomes/Impacts
  • Lessons learnt (success factors/mistakes to avoid)
  • Adaptability, transferability to other disciplines

The plenary session will be followed by parallel breakout sessions – a targeted learning activity in which the speakers will present their practice in more details and they will provide a ’recipe’ for implementing it. You will also see demonstrated some practical examples of the practices.

In this way you can gain better insights about the applicability of the presented practices, and have opportunity of engaging in a group discussion around it, its applicability and transferability, important factors to consider, mistakes to avoid while implementing the specific examples, etc. Breakout sessions provide space for collaboration, networking and resource sharing on innovative teaching and learning practices.


Nino Jvania PhD, Associate Professor, Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Department of Keyboard Instruments, Georgia

Georgian pianist, musicologist, and artistic researcher. After graduating from Tbilisi State Conservatoire, she went to Germany to study at the R. Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf. Her particular interest in contemporary music led her to the prizewinning performance at the Orléan International Piano Competition of 20th Century Music (France). She was the grant holder of the DAAD, Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, the Heinrich Boell Foundation, and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. Her interest in contemporary music determined also her research activity: she is the author of several scholarly works and a monograph on contemporary piano performance.

Nino has been invited as a guest artist and faculty member to various festivals and courses of contemporary music in the USA, Argentina, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany, etc. 2010 and 2013 Nino was a visiting professor and scholar at Boston New England Conservatory and New York University, holding also guest lectures at Harvard and Tufts Universities. In 2019, together with composer Eka Chabashvili and pianist Tamar Zhvania Nino Jvania received the National Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation for the fundamental research "Development of Artistic Research Methodology on the Example of Exploration of Piano of the 21st Century and Its Future Perspectives", thus being among first artists to be engaged with artistic research in Georgia. Their monograph “Artistic Research: Philosophy and Practice” was published in 2022.



Dr. Ivana Damnjanović, PhD, Associate professor, Faculty of Health and Business Studies, Singidunum University; Head of Education & Research at Transformational Travel Council, Serbia

Ivana is a lecturer, a scientist, and a writer. Her professional interests encompass sustainable tourism (in protected areas – her PhD thesis); meaningful and transformational learning and travel experience design; the regenerative and transformational potential of tourist experience; destination stewardship based on community, nature, and traveller wellbeing; and passion for nature-based, adventure and recreation tourism and storytelling.

She is the Director of Education & Research at the Transformational Travel Council, prior to which she worked for 18 years at the Faculty of Health and Business Studies, Singidunum University, Serbia, with which she remains affiliated.

As a lecturer, she is devoted to equipping (future) tourism professionals to be knowledgeable and creative, intentional and dedicated, mindful and empathetic, and recognize tourism as a milieu of stories to collect and guard, create and pass on. She facilitates the learning experience by creating enhanced and tailor-made students' educational opportunities in international contexts. She enjoys working with course participants and colleagues with diverse cultural backgrounds (teaching and doing projects in Serbia, across Europe and worldwide since 2005). As a Vice-dean for international cooperation at the faculty, she strived to enable students to create their international life-altering stories through exchange projects.

Ivana loves spending time in nature, hiking, mountaineering, free-climbing, and playing airsoft, to name a few. She adopts stray animals. She sees beauty in the blend of creativity, truth, passion, purpose, respect, love, sharing knowledge, and learning from others. She lives in her home town, Valjevo, Serbia.



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BEd, BSc, MA Isabell Grundschober, Researcher and lecturer, University of Continuing Education Krems, Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technology, Austria

Researcher and lecturer at the University of Continuing Education Krems, Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technology

Isabell is a research and lecturer at the University for Continuing Education. Her research interests include instructional design, competence-orientation in continuing education, educational technology and work-based learning.

Isabell Grundschober’s research blog


Avoiding Collisions aT Sea Course

Đani Mohović PhD, full professor, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Croatia

Đani Mohović, Master Mariner, employed as a full professor at the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the Department of Nautical Science. He has 10 years of experience as a deck officer and Master on merchant ships and mega yachts. He is leader of many maritime projects that relate to the safety of navigation and he is a member of the committees for safety investigation of marine casualties on behalf of Croatia. As a marine expert he prepared many expertise’s about collisions of vessels in the Croatian waters on behalf of the courts. He was a project manager of 7 EU projects. He is a member of many scientific and professional associations, and is currently the Head of the Maritime Shipping Section at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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