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The fifth Profformance+ Webinar focuses on the topic of inclusion and diversity. The speakers represented those good practices which scored well at the PROFFORMANCE Higher Education Teacher Award. In the plenary session, they present 7-minute summaries of examples of their innovative teaching and learning practices. This includes:

  • Brief info about the institution and the programme in which the method has been applied
  • Main topics
  • Challenge/problem – objective
  • Methodology of implementation
  • Technology, tools used
  • Outputs/Outcomes/Impacts
  • Lessons learnt (success factors/mistakes to avoid)
  • Adaptability, transferability to other disciplines

The plenary session will be followed by parallel breakout sessions – a targeted learning activity in which the speakers will present their practice in more detail and they will provide a ’recipe’ for implementing it. You will also see demonstrated some practical examples of the practices.

In this way you can gain better insights about the applicability of the presented practices and have the opportunity to engage in a group discussion around it, its applicability and transferability, important factors to consider, mistakes to avoid while implementing the specific examples, etc. Breakout sessions provide space for collaboration, networking and resource sharing on innovative teaching and learning practices.

Innovating foreign language teaching and testing practices with the use of learning and assessment online tools

Valentina Gavranović holds a PhD in historical linguistics and works as an assistant professor at the English Language Studies Programme at Singidunum University in Belgrade. As an English language teacher and a teacher trainer with over twenty years of experience, she has been working with teenagers, university students, and adults. She has been actively involved in various professional development programmes and projects to promote the quality of English language teaching. As a Fulbright scholar, she participated in The Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (FTEA) Programme and spent two months at Kent University in the USA. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and her current research interests include applied linguistics, semantics, language change, contemporary approaches to teaching, and microlinguistics.

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Ambivert and Inclusive Education for Professional Happiness -Undergraduate Program in Psychology -“PHARI”

Alexander Rusetsky, Professor of the St. King Tamar University of Patriarchate of Georgia, instructor of conflicts and negotiations; Doctor of Psychology (2019), Doctor of Political Sciences (2023) , Member of the International Society of Political Psychology; Coordinator of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly in Georgia; Member of the Diaspora and Caucasian Policy Advisory Council of the Parliament of Georgia; Member of the Branch Сouncil of Сonflict Studies; Member-correspondent of Tskhum-Abkhazia Academy of Sciences; Member-correspondent of the Phazisi Academy; Vice-President of the Academy of Politics and Morals.

Main specializations: social practices, development of civil society and inclusive local self-governance, personal development and consulting, management of crisis situation.


New Assessment Method for Public International Law

Tamás Ádány is based at the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary, where he is the head of the Department of International Law. In 2022, he was a Fulbright visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School. His interest is in general international law — the sources of international obligations, the responsibility of states and particularly the position of individuals in international law. He has published extensively on these issues. His current research interest is the potential impact of certain implications of populism on the international legal order. Previously, he worked for the Hungarian government in various professional capacities, and later he ran a small consulting company on international and European legal matters. He holds a law degree, an international law PhD a habilitation from PPCU, and an MA in international relations from ASERI in Milan, Italy.


Small thing for us, big deal for them

Snježana Čukljek works as a college professor and vice dean for teaching activities at the University of Applied Health Sciences. Before coming to the University, she worked at Clinical Hospital Merkur, Department of Haematology. She holds lectures for students on the basics of nursing care, the process of nursing care and nursing care of oncology patients. Snježana participated in the development and improvement of study programs in the field of nursing. She pays special attention to the development and assessment of competencies and learning outcomes. Her research interests centre on the quality of nursing education, the development of nursing student’s competencies and nursing care.

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