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Assessment tool sessions

The aim of the assessment tool session is to make participants get an impression about the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool.

Participants can participate a joint assessment before the webinar and during the session the results of this assessment will be discussed, and participants can tell their opinion and raise their questions.

This session - as the webinar itself - focuses on Student-centred course design. Participants are invited to fill in the self-assessment for thematic area 1 - Student centred course design and the discussion will be based on the competences, tasks and roles of higher education teachers in this field.

Those who are registered - will receive a generated test credential in their own email address, with which they can fill in the assessment before the webinar. These once-usable credentials are generated only to fill in the assessment for the webinar and personal data are not linked to the system. So, participants remain anonymous.

The deadline for filling out is 12.00 CET 28th March. After this time, you will see your individual results.

You may find a guide here how to do self-assessment. 

Please note - that in this webinar we do not go into technical issues of the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool platform.

For technical issues please consult the guidelines and tutorials at the platform: 

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.


Useful materials: 

Video on the PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool

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