2023-12-15 10:40:30


More than 100 higher education academics from the European Higher Education Area countries participated in the fourth PROFFORMANCE+ thematic webinar on innovative teaching and learning, held on 11 December 2023. Four innovative practices were presented. The practices ranged from specialised maritime education and a specific online music practice methodology to teaching sustainable tourism and using the blog as a tool to open up the university to the public. All of them were truly inspiring and innovative in supporting teaching and learning.

Speakers have been selected from the PROFFORMANCE teaching excellence database which contains another 120 international good practices. After the overview presentation pitches, participants could deep dive in specific aspects of the methodology of their choice, and get the recipe from the speakers, on the implementation, transferability, and adaptation of the assessment practice for different fields of study. The breakout room sessions later served as opportunities for networking and future international collaboration.

We also presented PROFFORMANCE Assessment tool. Participants could participate in a joint survey on the thematic area of the tool focusing on innovative teaching and learning and reflect on its use individually and at institutional level.

The thematic webinar series will be continued in 2024 as well. To stay up to date on upcoming webinars, check out PROFFORMANCE project website, follow us at LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter.

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